What Is Called Energy-Efficient Glass?

What Is Energy-Efficient Glass?

An overwhelming percentage of the domestic temperature loss takes place because of poor quality or damaged windows. Keeping the rooms warm is very important especially during winter. If the heat escapes because your windows were broken, the warm air can be replaced by the cool air from the outdoors, resulting in increased heating bills. Installing energy-efficient windows can help you save money on your monthly heating bills than the standard double glazed windows or frames.

A research has revealed that most of the homeowners today think that all double & triple glazed windows available in the market are energy-efficient. As a matter of fact, there is a big difference in the performance of various glazing configurations. The glass of these windows shows the difference.

Energy-Efficient Glazing – What Is It?

Energy-efficient glazing is a term that is best used in describing either the double glazing or triple glazing use in the modern windows seen in most homes today. Compared to the single glazing and earlier version of double glazing, energy-efficient glazing comes with coated glass for preventing the heat from escaping over your windows. It is making the windows extremely thermally insulating. Therefore, the modern double glazing improves the energy efficiency of your house. It can also help save money on your heating bills.

The low-emissivity glass is the kind of energy-efficient glass which is specifically designed for the prevention of heat escape over the windows to cold air outdoors. The low-e glass comes with the invisible coating that reduces dramatically the transfer of heat and keeps the warm air within your home. Sad to say, many older units of double-glazed windows don’t contain low-emissivity glass. Hence, they are not so energy efficient. By replacing your old single-paned windows with modern double-glazed windows, you improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduces your heating and cooling bills, and minimizes the carbon footprint. The low-e glazing units could make your home twice more energy-efficient than the older double-glazed windows without low-e coating.

The low-e glass is vital for buildings or rooms with high proportions of glass doors or windows like sunrooms and conservatories. Low-e glass is likewise recommended for the east and north facing windows wherein a bigger proportion of warm air loss is expected. For the west and south facing glazing in which overheating can be an issue during dry, summer months, the installer might recommend the usage of solar control glass.

The modern double-glazed windows can give the best value for your money. When they are installed properly by a reputable double glazed window installer in Harlow, you’ll experience and enjoy superior energy-efficiency and a big reduction in your monthly heating bills. You must make sure that the windows to be installed in your home are of the highest quality. Don’t settle for the low-e glass windows that do not offer ensured quality and the best value for your money.

You should aim for the best double glazed windows in the market that can truly offer what you truly deserve as a homeowner or a commercial property owner. It’s necessary to learn first your requirements and look for the best solution and service provider to hire. 

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