What You Should Know About Sash Windows

What You Should Know About Sash Windows

The windows are usually regarded as the “eyes of a house”. They let the light come in, allow on to see and define the building’s character in its individuality. It means that knowing your windows better is always important.

Sash windows are usually made of up 2 movable panels that are called “sashes”. The most typical form of sash windows is the sliding sash that consists of two sashes that can slide up & down. In a sliding sash, one of the sashes is positioned in front and the other at the back. They both move counterbalanced by the weights on the cords. In the modern units of sash windows, things have changed and the newer models have springs then weights.

The sliding sash windows could be opened on the bottom or top or both. Usually, they do not have an outward swing but many newer designs can tilt in or out. Sash windows are necessary when you want to add a traditional look and feel to your home. It is because the sash windows are the integral element of the architectural history of Great Britain.

These windows were presented in the latest seventeenth century by France in England. Sash windows were considered amazingly fashionable and trendy for the next two centuries. Due to this, many homeowners at that time who decided to add sash windows on their houses. These windows were found in homes from various eras which include the Georgian, Victorian & Regency periods.’

There are few subtle differences that were found between such eras. When your house is of a specific style, sash windows can be added to capture that historical feel of a property. If not, the style will still depend on your preferences. Even when you are not looking to have that traditional feel for your house, sash windows, keep in mind that sash windows come with some excellent practical advantages:

  1. It is a fact that sash windows are among the greatest ways to control the air flow and ventilation across the buildings.
  2. Because of how they work, even opening the sash windows slightly will produce a strong, effective ventilation system.
  3. Sash windows are extremely secure also for some reasons. First, these windows could be locked in the slightly opened position. It means that you could have your windows ajar while not having any reason to worry about the intruders. One more reason is something related to glazing. It is because the sash windows consist of several tiny glazing panels and it will be impossible for the intruders to climb over the broken window or the smashed glass with glazing bars that remain intact.

As you can see, you have several reasons to consider installing sash windows. You should give some attention to the remarkable benefits these windows can give. If you want your house to have sash windows today, hire the best window installer in Harlow to get the best service that will offer you the best value for your money. Don’t forget to do some research to find out where to go and ask for help when it comes to installing sash windows. 

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